Is an electronic signature secure?

What is an electronic signature worth on a tablet?

The digital era invites us more than ever to carry out all kinds of transactions on digital forms that require some sort of confirmation, including an electronic, digital or digitized signature. However, not all types of signatures are routinely secure.

The electronic signature, often required on a tablet screen, is represented by a “I accept” button to click on. This form of signature is safe provided you are able to properly identify the signatory who is linked to the form. A secure identification process should therefore be attached to the act, such as a personalized identification number or the use of a secure email address.

A digital signature is the most reliable solution. It is managed by a third-party and specialized supplier. The signature of a document is therefore controlled in advance by a process of identification of the signatory and a secure, unique and confidential encryption mechanism. This protects the information, the document and the signature. We are seeing more and more of this technology used by real estate brokers or law firms.

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The scanned signature is nothing more or less than capturing an image of your handwritten signature on a tablet screen and too often, no valid identity check is carried out. This simple method remains the least safe. In addition, submitting an image of the signature puts the signature’s security at risk since it could be falsified, shared or reused by others, without the signatory’s knowledge. A good degree of trust is therefore required towards the representative who requires your signature.

Field inspectors who want to start using mobile and digital inspections also ask:

  • How do I create an electronic signature?
  • Where do I get an electronic signature?
  • How do I electronically sign a document in Word?
  • Can I type an electronic signature?

Let’s attempt to answer:

1.Sign your mark utilizing a finger, a digital pen or a pointer.

2.In the event that you are using a Microsoft Surface tablet, iPad or other touchscreen during your inspections, simply utilize your finger to make an digital signature straightforwardly in your archived document.

3.Transfer or load a picture of the signature.

4.Your cursor can also be utilized to trace a digital signature.

5.Typing your name and last name with a keyboard is also a valid signature.

During a mobile inspection, done on the field, a signature on a digital form should always be accompanied by a valid process of checking the identity of the signatory. In addition, to tie up the official aspect of the signature deed, as soon as the form is signed, it must be secure, protected, accessible at all times and be unalterable.

Whether to confirm an inspection work, an acknowledgement or a form of approval, the signature is used in different instances and even if the act of signing a document remains a legal action, its validity may be challenged, depending on the case.

In general, when a digital form is submitted to sign it, we agree without hesitation, as do most paper documents. Even if the ultimate checks of the signatories’ own identity are not always carried out correctly, simply affixing an electronic, digital or digitized signature can be similar to the same consequences as a handwritten signature on paper. However, it all depends on the effort devoted to respecting the act, in the sense of the professionalism of both the representative and the signatory and the ability to prove that the signature corresponds to the identity of the person designated as a signatory.

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