Business Case for a leader in the construction industry in Quebec.

“Significant time savings of 30 to 45 minutes per site or home inspection.”


A private, not-for-profit, building inspection organization for the commercial and private construction industry, which is dedicated to promoting and developing the professionalism of more than 17,000 member companies in 14 regional associations operating at the provincial level.


Need a solution for the overwhelming amount of documents that had to be handwritten in the field, and then transcribed into a computer at the office. Inspections have often been lost or damaged and have always required manual and lengthy processing. The reports were not readily available to key customers or collaborators.


Implemented nSpek inspection software on rugged, mobile tablets so that digital forms can be filled out in the field within a familiar interface (similar to their traditional paper form) and instantly shared with their teammates via email, or text messaging.


– Audit experts of the built or building site can fill out forms digitally, in a format that they recognize and know well.
– Building standards and code controllers can instantly deploy changes to workflows and forms to all their teammates in the field, from a single workstation via the internet, without coding knowledge or the intervention of a programmer.
– Significant time savings of 30 to 45 minutes per inspection.

“Eliminated mulitple trips to the office with operational efficiency gains of almost 80% impacting the entire organization.”

– Building site documents can now be completed without being damaged in the field.
– The submitted forms are immediately available for review by a notary or the owner of the site.
– Completed project reports can be easily generated and shared with customers, detailing accomplished work specifications, in a common format like pdf.


– Inspection forms
– Security checklists
– Exchange of information with CRM
– Exchange of information with the accounting system
– Capturing data in offline mode
– Extracting data for a dashboard
– Reporting in a web portal

Notes: The nSpek software has also been used by provincial home inspectors to do digital home inspections without ever touching a piece of paper, and for some, to be able to truly work from anywhere, and never have to go to an office and fill out any form manually ever again. nSpek is a data collection app with advanced workflow and communication capabilities for mobile field teams. Build forms that exceed your expectations

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