Why are trip reports and site inspections important – The Ultimate FAQ.
November 24, 2022

What are trip reports and site inspections and why are they important? Do trip reports and site inspections need to be done in your organization? If so, digital site inspection reports are required in order to stay competitive. As a team supervisor, you must understand the value of trip and site inspection reports if you […]

How to create an app in field data collection for home inspectors using nSpek’s best mobile forms automation software?
November 22, 2022

nSpek’s mobile forms automation software is more than a digital inspection platform. For more than a decade we help a national home inspectors association with over 17 000 employees to build mobile forms for many uses like data collection, health and safety or building code compliance. They say to start with the benefits, and then […]

Does digital transformation create jobs or layoffs?
November 8, 2022

Inspired by the recent layoffs in the tech industry, here is my attempt at answering 5 questions closer to our reality: – What does digital transformation do? – Why does digital transformation fail? – How does digital transformation affect employees? – Does digital transformation ever end? and somewhere in there: Does digital transformation create jobs […]

Building inspection report software
October 24, 2022

Modernize, Streamline and Simplify your building inspections. The nSpek app makes it easy to perform construction site inspections. With our data management platform and mobile form builder, you can define custom digital inspection checklists, perform the inspection itself, and effortlessly generate your building inspection report. Generate reports effortlessly. Automatically generate several types of reports in […]

Five Unpopular Digital Transformation Myths
October 11, 2022

Most companies want digital transformation, others sadly fear it’s complexity. They often think that the task to go paperless, to build digital forms for their data collection, or to start using a cutting edge software to replace manual low value tasks, can be hard. But let’s take a few steps back from the “fad” and […]