26 March 2024

Data. Everything is Data: The Last Practical Guide You’ll Ever Need For Your Career and Your Company

5 December 2023

Should Your Data Collection App be Cloud or On Premise?

5 December 2023

Cloud or On-Premise: The Definitive Guide Even a 12 Year Old Can Understand.

1 December 2023

Navigating the Adoption of New technologies in The Construction Industry

19 September 2023

Harnessing innovation: transforming the safety and efficiency of mining operations

27 June 2023

Build Digital Forms with Signature

16 May 2023

Businesses Rethink Cloud Strategy as Under-Reported “Cloud Exit” Trend Gains Traction

21 April 2023

Is Your Mining Compliance Data Entry Ready for Automation?

15 March 2023

Mastering Mobile-First: How to create Digital Forms for Effective Data Collection

3 March 2023

What are the basic features all digital form builders should have?

16 February 2023

15 Psychological Change Management Principles, To Persuade Even in the Most Stubborn Company Cultures.

18 January 2023

The Hidden, Non-Monetary Costs of Paper Forms: How to protect your company’s integrity in a digital age.

24 November 2022

Why are trip reports and site inspections important – The Ultimate FAQ.

22 November 2022

How to create an app in field data collection for home inspectors using nSpek’s best mobile forms automation software?

8 November 2022

Does digital transformation create jobs or layoffs?

24 October 2022

Building inspection report software

11 October 2022

Five Unpopular Digital Transformation Myths

22 August 2022

Example of a New and Modern Post Construction Cleaning Checklist using Digital Forms [with template and pdf features]

22 July 2022

Should You Attend a mining conference in Toronto like The Canadian Mining Expo: Lessons Learned.

2 June 2022

A Quantum Leap for Humanity: Can This News Make Data Collection Attractive Again?

27 May 2022

Regular Propane Tank Inspection Saves Lives says LPG Gas Safety Expert

10 May 2022

The Powerful “We are Going Paperless” letter or email template.

3 February 2022

How the CN train derailment in New Brunswick could have been avoided.

20 December 2021

No electronics during the holidays: A counterintuitive digital detox challenge. Now you’ll know what to write on a Christmas Card to your boss.

2 March 2021

Read Dr Jordan Peterson’s Warnings on Technology Before Your Digital Transformation

22 October 2020

The Future of a Post Covid Mining Industry

14 September 2020

Increase your profits before you save the planet

26 August 2020

10 Signs That You Are a Leader in Digital Transformation, Without Knowing it!

3 August 2020

Paper is not your real enemy.

18 June 2020

Avoid tragic accidents with cutting edge prevention

18 June 2020

Dematerialization and Digital Transformation: Project Post-Mortem

18 June 2020

How to make your paper forms smart and mobile?

8 June 2020

What is a digital signature and how it works, is it secure?

2 June 2020

Can field inspections be simplified by the implementation of digital forms?

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