Read Dr Jordan Peterson’s Warnings on Technology Before Your Digital Transformation
March 2, 2021

If a few years before the 2020 pandemic hit the world, Linda wouldn’t have eliminated the need for her building inspectors to travel back and forth to the office, to transcribe, to digitize, to send for approval, and then to store their paperwork, who knows the impact it would’ve had on the 60100 employees responsible […]

The Future of a Post Covid Mining Industry
October 22, 2020

When the world changes forever, we tend to recall exactly where we were and what we did. I will never forget sitting at my desk and listening to the radio announcer saying: “An airplane just struck one of the twin towers in New York city.” Without any pre thought or hesitation, I immediately stood up […]

Increase your profits before you save the planet
September 14, 2020

Read this article till the end and you will discover: Why it’s important to have a lasting impact with your business through the “Infinite Game” method, BEFORE trying to save the rest of the world. How your role is key in your company’s digital transformation, regardless of your title. Where to start. First: Our world is […]

10 Signs That You Are a Leader in Digital Transformation, Without Knowing it!
August 26, 2020

Even if you’ve never heard of digital transformation, it’s still likely that you’re a leader of it in your business, no matter what your role is. Sometimes it takes someone with strategic thinking, other times you just have to be annoyed to always do things the same way. This is the kind of mindset required […]

Paper is not your real enemy.
August 3, 2020

When you get rid of your paperwork, you start working on what matters and you join the modern companies that thrive in the new normal. If your organization uses paper documents, you may be sitting on a goldmine of information. This intelligence remains waiting to be discovered. The value of its content, the efficiency to which […]