Our Rates

Our monthly rates are billed once a year. This generally includes telephone support, maintenance and also evolutions shared with all our customers. In addition, nSpek’s business model easily adapts to your needs. Whether for a single user or several, or by group of users, nSpek is flexible enough to adapt to your organization.

Contact us for a quote. We will be happy to explore your needs with you and offer you the formula that will meet your needs.


Agile Synergy Process

Every quarter, the Account Director will work with you on the 3 levels of strategy an enterprise needs to go through in their technological planning.

  • Your User Journey
  • Your Business Goals
  • Technological Accelerators
  • + Technological Infrastructure Assessment

Want more details about this unique process? Check our Agile Synergy process details here.


Fractional CTO

CTO, the person that goes beyond the tools and reviews your process to guide you towards success. Here to find
where technology can make you level up.


Account director

Experienced nSpek user to answer your questions, here to review your process and make follow-ups every quarter to
ensure you discover and use features you might not have thought of, challenge your form template to be
designed towards the best user experience in your industry and evolve with your business needs.


Phone, Mail support

When you need more help to understand a specific feature, a demonstration of a feature can quick start your productivity.


Quick start training

A training given to quick start your understanding of nSpek so you can get started in minutes. Divided in 3

  • Inspector training, how to fill forms
  • Administrator training, how to create form templates and basic features
  • Experience recap, how to put into practice what you learned and ask us anything


In depth Training

Goes beyond quick start Training by going though all the feature, with a focus on identifying and applying these features towards your business goal.


Unlimited form templates

You can experiment and build templates as much as you need. Of course, it doesn’t require any custom development, nSpek provides a No Code template designer specifically built to empower your team. They will be able to create form templates in minutes.


Unlimited inspections

Your inspector can do as many inspections as needed without any limitation.

* Limited for fair usage in SAAS deployments, limit is shared across your organization as a total limit.


In-App documentation

nSpek has an In-App documentation for self-reference.


UX Form Template Designer

You are the owner of all your form template, all the time. But sometimes, time is limited. You can leave it to
nSpek’s Templated Designer which will create and/or maintain your form with UX (user experience) in mind so inspectors can have the most intuitive form.

  • 10 hours Included in Entreprise Partenership, extra hours charged at discussed rate.