Our Process: We create our best work with you at the center.

Our partnerships consistently achieve “Agile Synergy” by focusing on the 3 most proven growth factors of the most successful organisations in the world:

– Your User’s Journey

– Your Business Goals

– Your and Our Technological Accelerators

1.User’s Journey: Let’s define who does what and when.

Greatly fueled by current Design Thinking processes, we define your User’s Journey per persona by first answering 3 Human-Centered questions.

– Is this solution desirable from all users’ perspectives?

– Is this solution viable from a financial perspective?

– Is this solution feasible from a capability’s perspective?

Then, we need to find out what assumptions are we making about our inspectors’ habits and skills, our administrators and supervisors’ priorities and needs, and all other day to day tasks of all the user personas. For example, it is because of the Agile Synergy process that we found out where exactly Digital Transformation fails. This surprising ambiguity is eliminated once our partners stop using generic software in the same way as they used other analogue heavy processes of the past, like paper dependent data collection, improvised form creation and in-person knowledge distribution.

2.Business Goals: Let’s aim for the moon!

Let’s improve what really matters. To inspire your inspectors, administrators, and supervisors you will first make it clear why your enterprise wants to modernise your digital inspection process and make everyone’s day to day tasks more pleasant while efficient.

Because at nSpek, we know that truly transformational teams match their ambitions to their passions and to their purpose we’ll use the Agile Synergy method.

To keep reducing your technological debt, one of our fractional chiefs of technology will go over your objectives and key results (OKR) on a quarterly basis using an OGSM derived approach which provides a short format (one page) and simple framework for developing, aligning, and deploying your long-term plan (3 to 5 year).

The Agile Synergy method is designed to connect our enterprise partner’s big picture strategic elements (mission, vision, values) to nSpek solutions and your team’s operational elements (goals, strategies, initiatives, measures).

Once we note your answers to the 4 questions that follow, the result is a clear, solid, and executable plan:

Objective – Where are we going? Let’s note your direction setting statement.

Goals – What must we accomplish with your operations? Let’s match your financial and operational performance goals.

Strategies – How will we prioritize technological choices? Let’s make choices which achieve your objectives and goals.

Measurements – How do we measure success? Let’s find quantitative figures used to track progress on each strategy.

3.Technological Accelerators: Let’s put rocket fuel in your shuttle!

By having a quarterly access to a fractional CTO, a dedicated account manager and access to a hand-picked community with a shared knowledge base, let’s quickly start reducing your technological debt.

Our team will leverage decades of experience in enterprise-grade technological infrastructure assessment, which shifted from custom development in highly regulated financial and heavy industries to a continuously modernizing inspection and audit all-in-one platform.

Simply put, benefit from an ever-evolving software, with an unmatched method to get you where you want to be without the hassle of keeping up with best technological practices.

No other software or product can offer what nSpek can.