Fields of operation

nSpek is aimed at any field requiring well controlled and structured interventions. Data accumulated can be used to prevent future issues. It is thus easier to monitor trends specific to your field of operation.

Mining industry
Mining Industry

nSpek is dedicated to it’s decades long partners in the heavy industries, especially the Canadian Mining Industry partners who help make this software, a primary field data collection app for their mobile devices, as well as their mobile form creation tool to manage all their digital inspections. Read this re-archived digital paper: Does the Canadian mining industry have a major impact on the economy?


Make mechanical inspection of vehicles, customer service quality control or management of incident forms seem like child’s play. You only need to create your inspection forms based on your data, using the design you wish to use.


Building and institution management, especially with their infrastructure’s increasing need of control, requires accountability to several instances such as government, insurance, security services, etc. nSpek simplifies inspector’s work, regulates operations and produces reliable data ready to share with these instances.

Health and security

To insure health and security at work, it’s important to thoroughly monitor worker’s activities, equipment condition and ensure that rules are followed. nSpek allows data collection as well as production of different preventive reports. This information can also be shared automatically with governing instances to facilitate your management processes.


The electrical network requires very rigorous and increased control to prevent incidents. It also requires severe control to reliably produce and deliver energy to your homes and businesses. nSpek helps you prevent equipment inspection flaws and overlooks while providing all the required flexibility for your inspectors to complete their work with all the necessary information and references.


Several fields manage infrastructures that are critical in ensuring the services and security of the population. For example, bridges, tall office towers, airplanes, highways, signaling, etc. nSpek is the ideal solution for inspecting these infrastructures requiring a rigorous control.

Your industry needs some revamping?

Send us one of your old paper form and we’ll gladly integrate it in nSpek for a personalized demonstration. nSpek allows structured management of your data and facilitates production of your reports.