Field Data Collection Form

What you are about to discover is a brief answer to the frequently asked question:

How do you create a data collection form?

You may be among the ideal partners we help capture some of the most rudimentary fields in a single audit at an enterprise grade operation. These data points can vary from:

  • Deadline: The specific time by which a project, an inspection, a task or a piece of information may need to be provided by.
  • Due date: a date synced with your calendar by when a task must be executed.
  • Instructions: Next steps someone needs to take in their workflow.
  • Uniform guidance: What to look for, what is missing, is there anything extra, does it meet safety requirements, does it follow the corporate or professional code or compliance for a given role.

These are just some of the easiest examples we can come up with very rapidly. If you need us to make you a template form, look at your word-based, paper-based or pdf forms you are using now for research or for any other check-ups, our technical team will be more than happy to get online with you for a short assessment. We have seen many methods and a multitude of software used to create complex and simple information captured in heavy industry fields.

nSpek helps industrial and manufacturing sectors to go from low-code to fully enterprise-grade no-code digital inspection procedures for teams on the go, with the need to gather crucial data points while sometimes not having access to any mobile or wi-fi connection, yet still being able to asynchronously connect to their ESP or ERP.

Convert your paper forms into fully mobile data capture procedure.

Note: You want to create industrial-grade inspections with a 100% hands-off no-code solution. In this case we advise anyone who wants to make fillable forms in word to go directly with a digital inspection management software like nSpek. Even if you are already using a computerized maintenance management system (cmms acronym), you may observe that your drivers or mechanics need a periodic health tracking checklist to be filled out and you don’t want to use a risky symptom tracker app in case your private information gets sold or leaked. In any case, working in the field ina bigger industry requires an extra layer of responsibility and foresight while starting your digital transformation efforts, thus choosing the right intervention software solution is key to your success. We all know that enterprise inspection reporting software is on the rise in the construction, transportation and manufacturing sectors, while the future of mining actually depends on it now. Mobile workflows are transforming residential inspection forms to highly efficient and profitable endeavors for filed and home inspectors as well.

If this does not answer your question, you may also want to look into the data-collection apps guide to know why they are completely changing the value of field research as opposed to paper heavy methods.

Recently, organizations have discovered how clean and structured data, mixed with progressive web apps like our software and on premise cloud networks can make or break innovation.

After all that being said, understand that the right moment to make the best decision during your operational improvements is while you are still thinking about which technology you want to implement in your company, without sacrificing server security, is when choosing which software or app you are going to go with.