nSpek offers a vast array of advanced features opening a world of possibilities to create all sorts of mobile forms.

What are advanced mobile form features?

Heavy industries standards require mobile forms to include advanced features that like signature capture, bar code capture, photo capture, GPS location form info, time form info, and skip logic.

Here are some of the other functions that nSpek includes to make your conformity and digital inspections a better paperless experience.

Intuitive design of any form type
  • Easily and quickly create an endless amount of forms and intervention reports, always adapted to your activities;
  • Efficiently manage evolutions;
  • Absolutely no need for software development skills;
  • Choose from a wide range of data entry objects;
  • Easily synchronize and deploy form updates.
Logiciel flexible et puissant pour vos rapports d'inspection
Powerful and flexible
  • Centralize thousands of audits within a powerful database;
  • Capture large amounts of photos, signatures, images and other artifacts;
  • Share data with your other systems such as CMMS or ERP;
  • Start off quickly and well thanks to business templates.
Smart questionnaire
  • Process data collection through smart controls. For example, dynamic drop-down lists, flexible data grids, automatic distribution and saving of reports, etc.
Local and connected
  • Execute your inspections with or without Internet access. Wherever you are.
  • Design your inspection processes and treatments based on access rights you give to your users.
Data security
  • Your data is stored in a well organised and structured environment. nSpek takes care of managing all the synchronized data in your own IT environment.
  • You have full control over your forms and can create them in the language you want. 
Report generator
  • Shape your reports the way you want and take advantage of the MS Office suite to generate them. If you’d rather use your own report generator, a simple data extraction is all you’ll need.
Your industry needs some revamping?

Send us one of your old paper form and we’ll gladly integrate it in nSpek for a personalized demonstration. nSpek allows structured management of your data and facilitates production of your reports.