A Quantum Leap for Humanity: Can This News Make Data Collection Attractive Again?

Who thought that data collection was ever attractive in the first place? Well as of today, data collection and processing is on the brink of entering a new era, but before we ask how this affects our daily lives, let’s jump into what made this news possible.

The first news comes from Toronto based startup Xanadu who just made history: The first in the world to achieve Quantum computational advantage AND make it available to everyone on the CLOUD! A true breakthrough in computer hardware technology.

What this means is, what would take a “normal” supercomputer thousands of years, takes their computer under one second. But hold on, as you read, that technology is available to anyone! Not just those with super computers. All you need is the Xanadu Cloud service and an Amazon Braket account.

Unto the second news, A New World Record Has Been Set: We can now send and receive more than one petabit per second using a standard 0.125 mm!

And by WE, I mean Japanese scientists.

What is a petabyte? I’m glad you asked: There are 1,024 terabytes (TB) in a petabyte — or 1 million gigabytes (GB) — (and approximately 1,024 PB make up one exabyte.)

For example, if your download speed is 1Mbps (1 megabit per second), that’s

1,000,000 bits/second * 1 byte / 8 bits * 60 seconds / 1 minute * 60 minutes / 1 hour = 450,000,000 bytes / hour.

So… Whatever this means, all you need to know is that the world around us is about to change so fast. Basically, you will get a notification on your phone saying bless you, right before you’ll sneeze.

But it also means, that we have entered a new phase in app and software development, and companies like nSpek who constantly release industrial grade data collection tools for inspectors in the heavy industry fields, will now be able to pass on these innovations to their users.

In the near future, we imagine a field data collector, like a mine safety inspector, who will be able to do handsfree inspections by simply taking a walk around the site needed of inspection, talking to people or looking at equipment, while his hands free mobile device sends all kinds of accurate observations, sensors measurements, while a system instantly makes safety reports, alerts key users of things that can be risky and when they should be tended to, without anyone having to makes those calculations.

The experts, will be present in order to authenticate, interact, and increase field workers and people’s safety, equipment longevity, and eliminate all traditional delays. Long gone will be the days of waste and danger.

Now that, is what I call Attractive Data Collection.

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Just as stated in this LPG Gas Safety Expert interview about how regular propane tank inspection saves lives, nSpek has a mission to equip field workers with the most helpful and specialized digital inspection software on the planet, which helps organizations in easy data collection, form creation,  task planning and automatic branded report sharing. We believe we should allow the experts to fully focus their time and efforts on their expertise instead of on the repetitive or often demotivating administrative paper work process that should be automated and digitized by such a mobile friendly app.

These interviews are part of our continuous research, in order to develop heavy industry specific innovations and features that will get us closer to the user’s reality than any other. Let us digitize one of your forms for FREE – Book a demo Today!

The opinions expressed in this article are not those of Néosynergix Inc. or nSpek.

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