How to make your paper forms smart and mobile?

Many companies still use paper forms. But these carry with them their share of constraints: in fact, they require further processing to be analyzed, digitized and stored, without of course forgetting the possible losses, the risks of misinterpretation, or the confidentiality issues. Is there then a reliable alternative?

Evolving from your paper forms: a breakthrough for your business

>> Want to write a: ” We Are Going Paperless ” email or letter, use this template to start! We recommended this short step by step how-to: https://nspek.com/site/en/blog/the-powerful-we-are-going-paperless-letter-template-example/

Often, we find that one of the obstacles to the implementation of new IT tools and processes in companies is explained by a simple fact: the lack of motivation to … change your teams habit! However, there are many reasons to abandon paper forms:

  • they do not automate
  • they increase the impact on the environment due to the considerable use of paper
  • they represent a significant burden of burdens for their archiving and preservation
  • their overall management requires a lot of time for your company

The benefits of electronic forms are multiple! For a company with field response teams, this allows, for example, to achieve real productivity gains. Intervention sheets, delivery slips, inspection reports…

Software to manage these forms allows you to give your teams a real comfort of work. Thanks to the development of mobile technologies, they will be able to consult their online schedule, fill out pre-set forms, validate their interventions and re-report their reports in real time, know the travel time between two interventions, and thus optimize their travel times.

But here it is: changing the design of your forms is a real hindrance. What if there was a solution to keep your current forms looking the same, while de-materializing them and making them 100% digital and mobile? Would you be convinced?


Nspek software: the innovative enterprise level solution to your mobile forms and digital inspections

Neosynergix did it with the nSpek Software. It revolutionizes the inspection and audit industry by providing your teams with full control over all parameters while allowing you to create customizable forms without any coding required, and staying identical to your old forms. Nothing is imposed by the use of the tool, and we even thought of business templates from thousands of users for those wishing to take advantage of it to modernize them.

So it’s finally over with your old paper sheets, which can get lost or are illegible at times. Over with the waste of time to analyze them manually, and allowing you to quickly get back on the field! There is no longer any excuse to not move to the digitization of forms.

nSpek was designed to allow, without any software development, total dematerialization and unlimited customization of your now mobile digital forms. The software has an intuitive design environment that allows the integration of data from your existing information system, ERP or other and any media resources by simply copy pasting. The forms thus created are executable on the field and ready for intelligent data-collection regardless of the medium: PC, tablet or mobile! The data collected is thus structured and centralized.

Nspek then provides fine statistics and accurate audit reports to implement effective corrective measures. So how about saving time, mobility and freeing up your paper form organization?

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