The modern inspection and reporting platform.

Your inspectors will gain autonomy and 80% in productivity, when creating, managing, customizing intervention forms and reports. No other inspection software is as customizable without extra fees or coding.

We make Field Data Collection Attractive Again - Now you can build digital forms that are easy and fast to use for all your inspections and safety needs!

A data collection app is a digital platform where you enter and store text, image, audio and video information with electronic forms. Using mobile data management software will remove all paper based costs, delays, risks and instantly allow checklists, surveys and inspections to be shared, exported, or analyzed in a custom report.

The information gathered can also be the location of an audit, who the inspector is, when it was done and any complex data sensors can send.

The modern inspection software of choice for inspectors who are true digital transformation leaders.

  • Easily and quickly create an endless amount of forms and intervention reports, always adapted to your activities;
  • Efficiently manage changes;
  • Absolutely no need for software development skills;
  • Choose from a wide range of data entry types;
  • Instantly distribute and deploy form updates;

We are on a mission to Make Data Collection Attractive Again!

Logiciel flexible et puissant pour vos rapports d'inspection
Powerful and flexible

Instead of writing on paper, now we can type directly into a secure database far away.

Everyone carries a phone or tablet these days. You no longer need to think which forms to bring, do you have the right ones or will they get damaged.

Go Paperless with the most flexible field data collection app on the market.

  • Centralize thousands of audits within a powerful database;
  • Capture large amounts of photos, signatures, images and other artifacts;
  • Share data with your other systems such as CMMS or ERP;
  • Start off quickly and well thanks to business templates.
Autonomie et mobilité
Autonomy and mobility during your interventions on construction sites, and in other compliance, quality, health and safety sectors.

With paper, it is impossible to track or share information in real time.

nSpek is built for offline first situations. Using the latest Progressive Web App technology, you can still use all the inspection features without an internet or wifi connection, without any downtime.

  • With or without network access, your technicians use nSpek freely, wherever they are. 

  • Our application is a mobile Progressive web app, it is accessible with its online and offline mode.
Gérez vos interventions avec nSpek
Manage and notify your interventions
  • Plan and follow your field worker’s digital inspections through an activity calendar;

  • Watch for visual alerts to easily spot intervention issues.

Analysez avec les statistiques de vos rapports
Directly drive activities from statistics and management reports
  • Any data collected are reused in standard documents allowing for efficient monitoring and quick decision-making;

  • The solution is natively integrated with the Office suite and correspondence between different softwares is automated through an API.

Raise your inspection level, regardless of your industry



Health and security



Digital inspection form creation has never been so easy!

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