Our monthly fees are billed once per year. They include phone support, maintenance as well as every new feature shared with all our customers! nSpek easily adapts to your needs. Whether for a single user or multiple users, or per user group, nSpek is flexible enough to meet your organization.

Try our ROI CALCULATOR to estimate the savings you can make by going in the paper-less digital inspection route with our form building and management system.

Contact us for a quote. We will be happy to explore with you your needs and offer you the formula that will harmonize with your needs.


Unlimited form creation, audit building and report management software


Plan and design your work routes, audits, tasks, workflows and follow up reminders


Dynamic and customizable dashboard

Edit, build and distribute custom forms
Dynamic list
Dynamic spreadsheet
Add external images to your inspections
Take pictures with your form app camera
Fill a tool-tip and leaves notes on images
Add an electronic and secure signature
Manage audits and interventions
Work in Disconnected Mode (no wifi or connection)
Customer Managment System
Customizable digital reports (pdf, doc, etc.)
Intervention Alert or progress report: Send Emails or SMS notifications
Manage users and security in-app
Automatically export reports or documents
Design and control your workflow
Attach documents in the audit or administrator view
Interactive support and help
Inspection calendar
Sync with Outlook
Manage routine work routes
Manage field-worker’s or inspector’s tasks
Alerts: Manage smart triggers
Create automatic Follow-ups and digital reports
API – Acces your SQL data-base

Included support. Installation, training, and customization fees may apply.  A discount depending on the volume of licenses or by agreement of more than 2 years may be offered. The price that may appear here can be subject to change without notice.

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