How does it work?

nSpek is the customizable electronic forms management software that answers your specific inspection needs. A simple training provides all the necessary tools to efficiently administrate nSpek and its users.

There is no need for the administrator to be a developer to operate the system.

nSpek is designed to dynamically manage the database.

Group your users by department, sector, etc. Have several forms and manage access. Perform as many inspections as needed. No worry, nSpek will simplify your life.


Mobile and offline

Inspectors use either a tablet or a laptop for their interventions. Data will be synchronized with the central database as soon as the network becomes available.

Inspection management

nSpek’s calendar allows the administrator to plan inspector’s activities. Each inspector has access to his own nSpek calendar synchronizable with Outlook. Easily visible alerts allow for effective targeting of problematic situations. All data is readily accessible for your stats and management reports.


Avoid double data entry with nSpek’s customizable capability to link with your existing system. For example, nSpek’s data can easily be shared with your ERP, CMMS or your accounting system.

Inspection process

nSpek’s administrator can establish a workflow based on every user type’s access rights. For example, an inspector can fill a form and a controller can approve and close it. A user can easily follow an inspection’s life-cycle.

Our platform, installed on your servers

nSpek’s data synchronization feature centralizes all your data including photos, images, signatures, texts, etc. on your own server located in your IT infrastructure. Your data remains under your control. The inspector can work without network or Internet access. As soon as network access is available to an authenticated inspector, nSpek can synchronize data towards the central database.

Designed for Windows platforms, soon to be multiplatform ….

nSpek currently works with computers or tablets running any Microsoft platform starting with Windows 7. In the near future, iOS and Android versions will also be available. Subscribe to our newsletter for more information and keep up to date with nSpek’s latest evolutions.

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