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Because every organization wants a healthy workplace,
a safe environment, and reliable tools.

Leading technology consultants and CTOs recommend moving to a modern inspection platform that will get your team up to speed.
Join them:

...and because paper-based inspections, checklists and reports do not allow you to innovate or follow current regulations.

nSpek is designed to exceed your immediate security and compliance needs.

(and no, it's not an ERP, CRM or CMS, yet our API can connect to them, in both directions).

Only nSpek includes the services of a fractional CTO.

Applying our 30-year proven Agile Synergy™ process, a dedicated CTO helps you protect your most valuable assets.

He or she will detect the weak signals in your operations, digital transformation and your technological debt.

Your assets are your future.

We analyze your user journey to help you keep people safe, protect your knowledge (data), and get the most out of your equipment without unintended impact on your environment. We anticipate the technologies you'll need, and then develop specialized functionalities that no other off-the-shelf inspection software can match, at no extra cost.

And finally, your field workers can say goodbye to manual transcriptions!

Collect data like a Pro

It's simple. If you can use any mobile phone, or tablet you can use nSpek right away.

  • It works continuously, offline and without WiFi thanks to its advanced Progressive Web Application technology.
  • It even works during your break: as soon as it finds a connection, it automatically synchronizes the data on your SQL server.
field data collecting tool construction app woman engineer with nspek
Digital Transfromation - Leader - Numérique
Digital Transfromation - Leader - Numérique

Make building forms fun again!

It's familiar. If you know how to use EXCEL, WORD or other "exciting" OFFICE tools, you will be the champion of data collection and efficiency.
Warning: using nSpek will cause you to create forms for more things than you expect, such as:

  • Vehicle and equipment maintenance.
  • Health and safety surveys.
  • Environmental and compliance checklists.
  • Quality control checkpoints.
  • Construction site and building inspections and more...

Schedule tasks, reduce supervision and training time.

It's like hiring an experienced assistant to guide you through your day.

  • Get reminders with calendar synchronization features.
  • Standardize your workflows and remind your team of the actions to be taken (with attached documents: visual examples, benchmarks, libraries of codes or norms, or even pictorial instructions). New hires or experienced field workers will appreciate this.

Collect data, without the manual entry.

Optimize your inspection process, and go digital without the time-consuming analysis of digital transformation, without custom programming, without manual transcription or scanning of your paper forms.

No more piles of paperwork waiting to be entered into cumbersome cabinets. No more waiting for critical reports to get to the right people. No more lost, forgotten, damaged or illegible paper forms.

1. Build your own smart digital forms.

Use our simple form builder with no coding knowledge to customize your mobile forms, reports that can be automatically generated to your image, and alerts that can trigger multiple communication actions of your choice.

Plus, your dedicated account manager can come along to do all the work for you or with you to go paperless faster.

2. Deploy your digital inspection processes.

Instantly transmit your new inspection forms, updated checklists, revised surveys, updated standards, refreshed reports, improved workflows, or task reminders to the field worker groups of your choice, without ever leaving your office.

3. Collect your data on site even without internet.

Your teams can fill out and submit forms on their mobile devices from anywhere and even offline. When a connection is detected, the update is done automatically on your server without having to interrupt the work of your inspector.

Unlike paper, your forms can flag anomalies for immediate attention. Collect photos and other rich media and reference live data resources.

Send responses or generate multiple types of reports simultaneously and directly to your data systems or other key people, even triggering actions in your ERP or BI software without manual intervention.

Finally, the mobile data collection app for field workers who often need to operate offline without any interruption.

Equipped with an instant report generator, powered by the most flexible form builder on the market, an efficient task manager and simple file sharing capabilities.

Without the need for coding skills, million-dollar custom software development or lengthy digital transformation analysis.

We have a plan for every organization.

Our monthly rates are invoiced once a year. This usually includes telephone support, maintenance and also upgrades shared with all our customers. Moreover, nSpek's business model easily adapts to your needs. Whether it's for a single user or several, or by group of users, nSpek is flexible enough to adapt to your organization.

Contact us for a quote. We will be happy to discuss your needs with you and propose the formula that will meet them.


Ideal for small businesses that need a basic solution.

- Take advantage of our form creation service
- Collect data with unlimited inspections
- Access the documentation integrated in the application


Ideal for mid-sized companies facing the challenge of digital transformation.

+ Includes all the benefits of the Software Solution
- Create unlimited form templates
- Get started quickly with Quick Start training
- Get unlimited email support
- Get phone support between 9am and 5pm


Ideal for companies facing complex challenges and seeking continuous improvement.

+ Includes all the benefits of the Software Solution
+ Includes all the benefits of the Business Support
- Access the Agile Synergy process [+]
- Access to a fractional CTO
- Access to a dedicated Account Manager
- Get advanced skills with Advanced Training
- Improve your inspection process with our UX Model Designer hours

Build a world
without paperwork.


On average, how long does it take to implement nSpek?

Following the training of about 3 days and the accompaniment of the fractional CTO of nSpek to set up your forms and new processes, our customer-partners are ready to put the nSpek platform into operation in a few weeks, on average. It all depends on the number of forms, the level of operations to be improved, the customizations/APIs, the number of stakeholders involved or the different types of uses.

In general, who does the form creation?

We take care of integrating your first form into the nSpek platform for free and we also take the opportunity to give you a demonstration.  Afterwards, we offer training (no need for raw coding knowledge) so that you can take over the creation or maintenance of your forms.

Moreover, our team is always available to answer your questions and accelerate the creation or maintenance of your forms. The people assigned to create or maintain your forms are considered as administrators who will easily master the management of the nSpek platform. Some client-partners entrust us with these tasks depending on the availability of their internal resources.

Do we need an internet connection to use nSpek?

Yes, but only when it is time to install the application on a new device or when it is necessary to synchronize the data with the centralized data server. Once the application is installed on a device, a user can perform the inspections without worrying about whether the internet is accessible or not, because the application automatically detects the availability of the network.   In the meantime, the application automatically stores the data in offline mode. The inspector is therefore not limited in his data collection work, even in places where there is no network and the centralized server is not accessible.

How many forms or gigabytes can we use with nSpek?

Unlimited. You can create as many forms or reports as you wish, for as many sectors of your organization as you wish.  The nSpek platform is limited only by the space available on your equipment to store data.  Our data synchronization mechanisms take space management very seriously, allowing users with mobile devices to have only the digital forms they need to work on, without necessarily carrying all of the company's historical inspection data on the mobile devices. The range of data size varies by type of form. For example, a form that allows for the capture of a few hundred photos is necessarily going to have more impact on the size of the database compared to a form that uses few photos.

Do you have an API for integrations with third-party software?

Yes. Third-party software has its own information structure and access to its data is never standard. Each software manufacturer or publisher manages its data in its own way and also its access methods, if any. Therefore, interfaces (API) are programs that we can develop to allow the exchange of information in one direction or another. nSpek's platform allows these data exchanges with Web applications, ERP, BI, CRM, CMMS or others, depending on whether the targeted third-party software allows itself to be interfaced in some way. Our team of developers will be at your disposal to validate everything and propose possible solutions that can serve as a communication interface and automate the data exchange.

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