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Field research has come a long way. With the arrival of portable computers, tablets and mobile phones, the days of writing information down unto a piece of paper just to then transcribe and digitize them later are long gone. nSpek is the field data collection software which allows you to create digital forms and conduct field surveys effectively and efficiently. Thanks to progressive web apps technology, we are talking about a true mobile application used to collect data in the field which was built to work 100% offline as well as it works with a connection.

The application transfers data directly from the field to your database, which minimizes manual work and increases reliability.

While many form building software may offer similar features, this field data collection app has distinct advantages which puts it best in class. No other software offers a bespoke form builder that allows users to create efficient digital forms regardless of the type of industry or field of activity, without the costly and lengthy need of a developers intervention.

What is field data collection?
Field data collection is the act of observing and gathering information directly on the site or remotely, at a determined location in all types of environments. Data can be capture in the air, on the ground, or underground with drones, satellites or human observers. It can also be done from sensors, IOT, cameras and microphones place at a specific location, and directly sent to a system.

The term “Data collection software” has been increasing recently:

The data your field technicians collect is shared in real time, and when a connection to wifi or internet is not available, they can still conduct their audit with their device. Thus, the goal of this enterprise grade application is to stimulate collaboration at all levels of your business.

nSpek integrates with multiple systems using an API, and provides template forms as well as a full service digitization expert dedicated to your account in order to help you get started.

Once started, we will help you to optimize your workflow, and to generate more ergonomically looking reports as well.

At it’s core, this platform was developed for high performing Canadian mining operations like Agnico Eagle who is a true innovative leader in their processes. Now we have partners who use nSpek in their construction site inspections, Quality Health and Safety audits as well as commercial building maintenance reports. We strive to continuously be the most useful application for collecting data in the field, no matter what industry you are in.

Out of the multitude of solutions out there, when you gather all the information your company needs to decided which software you should pick, consider the fact that progressive web app technology is a game changer:

  • No need to install programs on your devices.
  • No need for technical support with long onboarding schedules.
  • Can access a simple url or website link from anywhere and start getting all the mobility your inspectors need right away.

Information that is gathered in the field is the absolute most important data accessible to an organization. It gives a reasonable picture into what is occurring at a place of work in exchange giving organizations and industry leaders the experiences they need to settle on informed business choices, like predictive analysis and asset value protection.

Shockingly, numerous associations do not utilize that information to it’s fullest potential. So lets investigate how you can use the particularly important data from an inspection that you gather in the field to save time, cash, and protect the value of your assets, and further develop business activities.

Kinds of Field Data Collection

At the point when you hear the term information assortment, you may quickly think about the FBI or the NSA. However, it is not simply those public authorities that gathers knowledge and intelligence that can be leveraged. Each business accumulates and utilizes information in some shape or form.

A mobile protection guarantor, for instance, may lead an investigation to accumulate data about a building the materials used to fabricate it, the state of the rooftop, and so forth to decide a hazard and set the premium.

Or on the other hand, to utilize a more widespread model: a timecard gathers data concerning how long for an auditor ought to be redressed.


Data assortment is essentially the get-together of key-points to be utilized as a reason for thinking, conversation, or estimation. What’s more interesting, mobile field teams get the kind of information which simply implies it was gathered outside of a conventional work environment setting like a research facility or office.

There are numerous ways of gathering field information: interviews, studies, surveys, quizzes, perceptions, ethnographic forms, oral narratives, or contextual investigations, or auditing archives and records. The kind of data looked for will decide the instruments required, like a thermal camera, a pen and paper, a mini-computer, and ipad or other robust tablet, a ruler, a GPS gadget, and the sky is the limit from there.

A portion of the ventures that get a clear advantage from field research are:

Electric utilities

Water and sewer

Oil and gas



Natural assurance





Many organizations gather information to guarantee they stay agreeable with unofficial laws, health and safety regulators, quality control teams, while others do it to decide the most fitting area to start building a construction project. Still others gather research to check the situation with their actual resources.

The employments of data on the workforce is boundless as well.

Difficulties of Collecting Mobile Data

Getting field information without an internet connection while needing to be on the go, can be a perplexing and extended challenge, and your prosperity can rely upon various variables.

Likely difficulties of information assortment include:

Preparing/overseeing staff

Nasty climate

Natural risks

Language hindrances

Admittance to/broken hardware

Time limitations

Be that as it may, gathering data on the go is just 50% of the challenge. Digitizing your information without any human mistakes, once again to the workplace’s data-center or software and into an organization where it very well may be investigated and audited regularly makes a totally different arrangement of difficulties.

Contingent upon your technique, you might be managing:

Lost, harmed, inadequate, or inaccurate structures

Obscured penmanship

Record mistakes

Incorrect/absence of area information

Work concentrated announcing

Outdated data

Now and again, it tends to be days, weeks, or even an undefined amount of time before valuable knowledge makes its way under the control of its expected beneficiary.

Making More Accurate and Accessible Mobile Field Data Research

Arising tech is empowering the assortment of more solid, convenient information, which permits organizations to make a preplanned move and react rapidly to real factors in the field.

At the point when your mobile inspectors get the information with portable devices like mobile phones as opposed to relying on outdated and risky pen-and-paper processes, you can follow their project and immediately work on the information in your on premise data-base rather than hanging tight for them to get back to the workplace.

A paperless information assortment process likewise forestalls record mistakes and diminishes errors in light of the fact that the data is being entered only one time, in the field, by the individual gathering and seeing it firsthand. That knowledge would then be able to be immediately partaken in various arrangements with directors, customers, and different partners, as well as an API which can connect to an ERP.

Also, with a versatile digital inspection and mobile form tool like nSpek, your field laborers need just to convey one piece of gear like a cell phone with which they can record values, take photographs, label GPS area, examine scanner tags, and considerably more. This takes out the requirement for shuffling various apparatuses (camera, GPS gadget, clipboard, and PC), which makes the interaction quicker, yet more agreeable for your mobile technicians.

With an all around arranged and executed modern mobile information assortment process, you will stop wasting resources, stay in consistence, and add additional worth to your field tasks and ventures.

Need to look further into your gathering field information processes? Ask for a Quick DEMO as we Guide your mobile Field Data Collection efforts with tips and best practices!

In our origins story, we were a custom software company that turned into making the most flexible bespoke inspection and form building app available.

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