The Powerful “We are Going Paperless” letter or email template.

10 May 2022

In this article we outline the main concerns of going paperless, and the winning strategy to overcome them.

Before having tailor-made this specialized inspection platform, for over 25 years our team has accompanied organizations in their data management and reducing their technological debt with custom software development.

Not to brag, but a side effect of working hand in hand along side partners with well established national businesses, has made us experts in change management.

To develop a custom software that simplifies data transactions is one thing, but to make sure your team uses it, is another.

In our observation, it’s not the young companies born in the digital age that wonder what does going paperless mean, yet it’s the big legacy pioneers that are concerned about the change.

There is nothing to be embarrassed about when catching up, because once you do, you will leverage your experience to create a culture that welcomes innovation and exceeds your teams goals.

If you want to understand how to lead your team and overcome the concerns about going paperless, but you’re confused about which digital transformation strategies could work for you and which will just waste your time, then keep reading because, just as we have carefully crafted nSpek for organizations with these struggles, we made the change management process even simpler for someone just like you.


Communicate the change.

The term “Going Paperless” is part of a recent lingo which by definition describes the efforts which strives to eliminate paper usage in a business context mostly in internal procedures. Where printed pages are traded for digital documents, email communications and encourages data stored in servers instead of physical file cabinets.

As you can imagine, your team or your customers will try to wrap their heads around how their day to day will look like once an electronic process will become part of their daily lives. All the successful digital transformations of this kind have always benefited of a simple: “We are going paperless” letter.

Here is an email template or a letter to customers example:

We are going paperless!
Our company is very pleased to inform you that starting next month, we will no longer be sending out paper invoices, receipts, forms, reports, tax returns, paychecks or letters. All correspondence will now be distributed to you via email.

We are really excited about this initiative. This positive change will ensure everyone is informed in the quickest possible way. This will also help us to improve our carbon footprint.

Thank you for your continued support.


Create urgency aligned with your company values.

If you’re not investing in innovative ways to work and communicate better, while reducing your carbon footprint, your competitors will.

This “Going Paperless” letter is the first step to make sure you don’t lose employees or customers to others, while keeping your leading position in your industry.

What most digital transformation leaders do, is send a draft letter to key stake holders to get feedback. Which will not only get the ball rolling, it will also make sure everyone is on the same page.

You can also attach a comment about how this will avoid your company being forced to spend more money and much more time to get back on track as the market gets more competitive in this digital age.

Why wait for this to happen?

If the only thing you get from such an initiative is a date that points you down the path of streamlining your data collection, or if the only thing you get is to be appointed as a newly perceived leader of such initiatives so be it.


But what if you could help your company go paperless?

Industries change as fast as technology does. Don’t let your company fall behind because someone told you that people can’t change, that this is how you have always done things or that digital transformation analysis takes time and expensive consultancy. With this simple letter or email, you can be the first person in the room to use new tools, apply new strategies, and get faster results.

Contact us to be that person.

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