Paper is not your real enemy.

3 August 2020

When you get rid of your paperwork, you start working on what matters and you join the modern companies that thrive in the new normal.

If your organization uses paper documents, you may be sitting on a goldmine of information. This intelligence remains waiting to be discovered. The value of its content, the efficiency to which you collect it and how you share it, will give you agility and a strategic advantage.


Getting rid of paperwork is difficult.

“The health care bureaucracy cost Americans $812 billion in 2017, and $203 billion in Canada. [1]”

Because we are in business, if we are not an environmentalist, we easily get lost with recent studies that have shown interesting statistics on the importance of the environmental impact of paper. However, we could easily tell you that pulp and paper mills contribute to air, water, land pollution and that discarded paper or cardboard accounts for about 26% of municipal waste in landfills.[2] But the problem with this is that the majority of companies depend on paper, and understandably so.


>> Want to go paperless but need an email or letter template to start? We recommended this easy step by step how-to:


Technology is not necessarily your savior.

You get bombarded by messages that try to make you feel guilty, pressing you to digitize everything that moves without taking into account your budgets or your reality. Yet the use of modern technologies, such as printing and highly mechanized timber harvesting, has made disposable paper a relatively cheap product, which has led us to a high level of consumption and waste.


Digitizing your documents slows you down.

Is Excel the enemy that slows you down- formulaire numerique mobile

We can do our best with the transcription of our time-sheets, our checklists and our inspection forms by manually scanning them in a software like Excel but:


  • It creates scattered files that blind you.
  • Human transcription errors make you deaf.
  • Time spent on repetitive tasks such as manual data-entry demotivates your team.

This places the burden of finding opportunities to improve your processes on the shoulders of people who are not often directly affected by your reality, instead of enjoying a creative, collaborative and engaged culture in your organization. When you use Excel just as paper, the data is practically useless. The information remains static preventing you from actually making the knowledge of your organization dynamic.

It is this simple lack of innovation and collaboration that prevents you from having a global view of your operations. Without the global view, you can’t identify trends that can prepare you more strategically for the future.

What if there was a better way?


Take 5 minutes to estimate the cost of managing your paperwork, no need to be an accountant.

Here’s an easy, lucrative and fun way to energize your business:

  • 1. You slide the sliders in this calculator and receive your report instantly. Nothing could be easier than simply sliding some sliders to fill in this calculator that will give you a fairly realistic report of your current costs and return on investment (ROI).
  • 2. You receive an discovery call (free) for a more accurate analysis of your current processes, your technology, and a strategic consultation (free again).
  • 3. You send us an example document or form and we will digitize it for you (for free), then we will show you how to become 100% autonomous by mastering the nSpek software, and being part of our community of collaborators from different sectors that contribute to the pre-made templates (at no cost).


Stop digitizing your documents.

“The nSpek solution allowed us to gain significant productivity gains and it paid for itself very quickly. We recommend nSpek without hesitation.”
Lynda Poulin, Director of Prevention, APCHQ
(The Professional Association of Construction and Housing of the province of Quebec)

Unlock the profit hidden in your paperwork.

It’s budgets geared towards acquiring materials for an outdated process, the management of those making it vulnerable to human error, and storing all that paper that prevents you from investing, or even directing your resources to finally making your company knowledge dynamic.


Just as our community, you’ll:

  • Improve your team’s productivity.
  • Increase the accuracy of your forms.
  • Work instantly with your team on the ground.
  • Carefully track and monitor every step of your data collection.
  • Eliminate or significantly reduce the time it will take to digitize your documents.
  • React to triggers of your choice for work that exceeds expectations.
  • Create your own forms, checklists, time-sheets and other documents without knowing how to program.


Now, prosper in a reality where you hardly need to go back to the office.

nSpek is THE solution to speed up the processing of your paperwork towards a job – a life that is more rewarding. So contact us and we will accompany you on how to make your knowledge, dynamic.

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