Example of a New and Modern Post Construction Cleaning Checklist using Digital Forms [with template and pdf features]

22 August 2022

This post tells you how to prepare a modern post construction clean-up checklist.

As some of our partners in the world of post construction cleaning tell us, it is important to have a thorough understanding of what is expected in your project bid and how to differentiate yourself from the competition. Setting a price for your services is more complicated than a typical one time cleaning project because you will be required to understand such things as the scope of the project, scope and depth of post construction cleaning, materials and equipment utilized and any potential hazards your team can instantly report. On top of that, your client expects you to quickly give them a premium digital report, following modern standards, blowing the paper-based businesses out of the water.

As a post construction cleaning service, your job is to tidy up any loose ends on the construction site and get the location ready for the big reveal. Your productivity, efficiency and professionalism is a booming metric of excellence in this industry.

When a construction job is finished, it’s important to ensure all the areas are clean and organized. For your cleaning crew, a digital post-construction checklist made with a mobile data collection app like nSpek, is a great way to make sure everything is done. For a business owner managing a crew, with features like GPS tagging and editable image capture, it directly removes the guesswork of the location where the cleaning was done or what needs special attention. With automatically branded reports generated and sent when the supervisor or inspector fills the electronic form on their mobile device, it saves you a lot of time.

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How to perform a walkthrough and build a post construction clean up form?

Modern workers need a checklist on their mobile devices to identify any cleanup tasks that may not have been initially considered. These tasks are broken down into categories and walk through each area of the worksite. An nSpek account manager can show you examples, and even customize or help you build a form that logically matches the workflow of your crew.

What does a post-construction cleaning checklist look like?

The checklist should serve as a guide to help workers inspect all aspects of the build. The list includes floors, external features and items, windows, and other sections. Here are some examples:

Cleaning Checklist for the Entrance & Exit – All doorways should be inspected and cleaned so that the new owner will notice them as soon as they enter the building. A post construction cleaning checklist can make sure the all the lights are working, and even indicate which ones needs changing.

Unsure on what to clean when you are done with post construction cleaning?

Here are further examples you can use to build your electronic form, and ideas to inspire your cleaning checklist.

The Post Construction Cleaning Checklist:

  • – Dust and clean the entrances

  • – Sweep all the floors in living/common areas.

  • – Trash removed and surfaces cleaned

  • – Make sure to clear the living room or other common areas and remove any signs that you were there working.

  • – Leave notes for your cleaning team to learn what they should clean inside appliances

  • – Make sure all cabinet hardware is clean and secure

  • – Get the sink and backsplash clean

  • – Clean all fixtures and surfaces when leaving a home or construction site

  • – Make sure to remove all trash before leaving

  • – Ask your cleaning crew in an in-app reminder: Is the bedroom safe for the owner and their children?

  • – Are there any electrical cables exposed?

  • – Is there any water on the floors, making surfaces slippery and unsafe?

  • – After cleaning, it is important to inspect the room for any bugs, dust, clean walls and light fixtures, empty trash cans, and detailed floors before you leave.

  • – Cleaning a home’s closets may be an overlooked task, so the inspection form in the category of rooms, can included a clear reminder of that as well.

  • – Clean out all porches, decks, and patios

  • – Instructions on how to clean light fixtures and ceiling fans safely, with a ladder with a dusting feather or a water solvent not to damage the paint or chrome finish etc.

A final step in your post-construction cleaning checklist is making sure all signs of construction are removed and recycled.

The checklist above mainly focuses on residential builds, but with help from nSpek’s custom form builder you can create a checklist for commercial or industrial projects too. Drag and drop elements like photos, categories, text, instructions and even instant alerts for safety measures, built in right into your custom form to make a post-construction cleaning checklist complete, including a schedule and a sync your teams calendar with your other apps to plan specifics for a follow-up project with the client.

You have to be precise in your work as a commercial cleaner. This means accurately recording details on your initial walkthrough with the prospect. You’ll meet with the client and tour the location like you would for a standard cleaning, capturing all of the necessary details.

At nSpek we understands the importance of a digitized workflow for cleaning projects, so our partners use a combination of digital workflows and real-world data to create highly accurate new construction site cleaning times and cost estimates. Wowing the client with a branded report with custom maintenance tips and tricks is a bonus that can really set you apart. An automatically generated report that your crew doesn’t have to even think about doing.

How to get started with a new construction clean up checklist walkthrough with your client?

When planning your clean-up or maintenance work, remember that you need to be precise, efficient and thorough. Being precise will help you catch mistakes that you may do. Leave specific instructions and pictures with editable annotations for your crew so that you do not have to show them in person. Being efficient allows you to focus on what is the most important. Finally, by being thorough in your initial walkthrough, your digital form will be made as accurate as possible and free from mistakes.

Walkthrough for creating your post construction cleaning form.

Your goal is to take accurate notes about each room of the new construction site in need of a clean-up and about what needs to be removed from the construction site before you can create a cleaning post construction form.

Using a data collection app like nSpek is a way for you to guide your cleaning crew through the cleaning process, and your administrative team on the digital form building process. With features like a digital pencil and paper, an eraser, pictures and smart notifications for security or for reminders and gps locations, are all great tools to have with you on the job. After you figure out the scope of work, note which cleaning supplies your team needs so they can do the job without you being there, as if you were there yourself. You are the best person to know how to do your job, since you’re the expert.

What efficiency means in a construction site cleaning bid?

Clearing the place before your field team starts would help in the process, but it’s time-consuming if the construction site is large or there is a lot of construction debris.

To make the process of becoming a reputable commercial cleaner who is efficient, it’s important to know the exact services you want to offer and how much others in the industry charge for those services.

The more data your crew gathers during their cleaning inspections, the more nSpek will help you with your analytics, and make your walkthrough efficiency better each time you do a project bidding.

Remember to spend enough time to do a great job and use a mobile software to increase your efficiency and reputation.

One way you can build a good reputation is by making sure you are thorough in your work. Creating a digital checklist for yourself is a great way to do that. You should build your own mobile form with all the main objectives crossed off as well as some extra space for notes on things that might not be as important or missed. Below is provided an example of what a typical construction cleaning checklists might look like.

Cleaning Checklist For Post Construction Clean Up

  • – Clean everything thoroughly, including the glass and windows. Dust and change any light bulbs that need attention. Sweep, mop, and polish hard flooring. Vacuum carpets, take out all the trash.
  • – Clean the porches, exterior lights, and thresholds. Pressure clean any dirt from the driveways or walkways.
  • – Clean the entire kitchen and bathroom such as counters, backsplashes, toilets and behind toilets. Clean all appliances including the inside of them. Clean mirrors and clean the closets outside.

Once again, be sure to remove all of the construction debris you see outside of the building and check that all trash cans are empty. If there is a garage, sweep it. Make sure all doors are locked before leaving, attention to detail is very important in this business.

During a walkthrough, be sure to ask your prospects what they expect from their commercial cleaners. They will be able to tell you with more clarity what they want their end product to look like.

You need to embody the best solution for your client’s needs. Remember to be confident in your services and use every bid as an opportunity to show off your cleaning service skills.

This list is not exhaustive and instead serves as a guideline.

What is needed for a safe post construction site?

It is important to plan for risks such as cleaning crew’s personal health and labor costs, as well as how you approach bidding on projects. nSpek’s calendar features as well as file (health code or building code) and instruction attachments helps complete the deadlines for customers without missing any details in a safe way.

Dust could be a major factor in determining your hourly rate.

When walking through a construction site, be cautious and use protective gear due to the common causes of irritation including drywall, concrete, and sawdust.

If the cleaning site is incredibly dirty, be sure to allow time for tasks like dusting and clearing floors. If your surroundings are a mess, then it may take you longer and you may have to do some parts over again.

These are some areas on the site that will hold dust and debris particles:

Cleaning a building is labor intensive. Sometimes you must vacuum twice and wash all the window sills to get it done right. If you want a meticulous service, then give a closer look at air vents and dust any air filters areas in the vents before replacing them.

You will likely be cleaning up scraps during new construction cleaning, which you wouldn’t typically have to do in commercial spaces.

Make sure you document what kind of object is left behind. In case of finding a suspicious object or dead animal, this can be easily and even instantly reported to a supervisor with nSpek’s built in smart notification features. (other features include PDF file generation and template selection for other types of buildings, or projects)

When bidding for a post construction cleaning project, consider the time it will take you to build a custom mobile form for your team with instructions, and to design a branded report for the customer, which you won’t have to print, distribute or remind your crew to bring the right one, ever again. You may also included a set of items and cleaning products your team needs.

Performing a good post construction cleaning review can be challenging for newcomers, but is achievable with enough training and the right tools.

When cleaning a newly constructed building, be mindful of what surface areas will need to be cleaned, and how those surfaces will require different cleaning methods. Post construction is different from commercial cleaning in that you are doing the cleanings for a “big reveal”, and there are often various risky materials which will need to be removed.

Make a list of items needed by room. Clean with precision and efficiency, while also being thorough.

Updating your digital forms digitally will elevate your post construction checklist and reporting game. Leaving custom tips for your crew and especially for the customer in their report, will help you to see your business grow. There are many finishing touches that help builders or owners make a good start in a new location that makes things sparkling.

What are other the things to do after you finish your construction cleaning inspection?

In a digital form, you can effortlessly include step-by-step instructions and images on how to clean windows and wipe down the surface after the construction is done. This way your team needs less supervision and can execute with more certainty, thus, reducing your training time as well.

Your automatically generated nSpek report can be emailed right away, even printed by your customer, including things like:
“How to maintain a house before and after construction, to maintain it’s value for years to come!” or “Find out how often a post construction cleaning checklist should be completed.”

Such bits of text in a digital building inspection or cleaning report can set your business apart, and create loyalty.

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