Five Unpopular Digital Transformation Myths

11 October 2022

Most companies want digital transformation, others sadly fear it’s complexity.

They often think that the task to go paperless, to build digital forms for their data collection, or to start using a cutting edge software to replace manual low value tasks, can be hard. But let’s take a few steps back from the “fad” and take a realistic look at the 5 digital transformation myths that you should not allow to slow down your innovation process. (at the bottom, you will find a FREE downloadable, summarized pdf version of this post.)

Digital Transformation Myth


Depending on the industry, digital transformation can seem complicated.
But when you start saying: there has to be a better way to do this, there usually is.

You, or your employees can start noting down some pain points and see if someone has already solved them in your industry using software or hardware. You don’t often need an external IT firm to to a deep analysis. Why not take initiative and dip your feet in to gain momentum?


Digital Transformation Myth


When it comes to choosing the right software: To start, you don’t have to use the ALL-IN-ONE application with all the bells and whistles, which takes care of everything: From your accounting, to your data collection, your business intelligence, your IOT’s, your security and so on. In fact, that is one way to welcome push back with your users.

Hardware: Before jumping into Today’s phones are capable of a lot. See how you can use GPS locations, Cameras, Data sharing, usb connections to your advantage.
(Sub-myth: You don’t always have to develop a tailor-made technology… if you can think of it, chances are someone also did.)


Digital Transformation Myth


When it comes to industrious innovation, everything worth doing can come with a learning curve but not always.

For over 2 years, we worked with a Canadian gold mining leader with a pretty complex challenge: how will our senior supervisors stop using paper forms, and adopt mobile devices to do data capture?

So we asked: “Don’t they use cellphones on the field?” The answer was yes. So opted to take a few suspect early adopters, who would be the most resistant to change, and we equipped them with paperless mobile forms for a few days, and in return, they won’t have to end their day filing, transcribing or documenting their day. They accepted the deal.

After the initial experiment, those hard to convince seniors, swore to never go back to paper process, and became the company’s best digital transformation evangelists! It didn’t take much time before other departments implemented digital forms as well.

But, to achieve such success with your change management, you have to go beyond simply trying a “FREE TRIAL” for 14 days. Find a partner instead.

Why not choose a provider that not only offers customer service, rather ask if they offer templates, training, a dedicated account manager or even a fractional CTO to focus on continuous improvement.

Digital Transformation Myth


Before the digital transformation craze, cloud started it all. The benefits of not storing anything on your computer, and having it available to anyone connected to a remote network, especially accelerated by an outsourced processing power, was clear. But some industries learned it too late, that their norms and conformity needs required stricter cybersecurity guidelines than what a typical Software As A Service (saas) company can offer.

Let’s face it. Most software as a service companies specialize in the product they developed on the cloud, but not on cloud security management (which is most often outsourced to a third party, one you did not sign any direct agreement with, and can be a legal issue).

Yet another issue with cloud is: Some remote industries like construction, forestry, or mining, build their own remote 5g networks, far from commercial service providers. So what to do?

Ask if there is an On-Premise solution. Industrial-grade SAAS should be able to accommodate you.


The Fifth, and Last Unpopular Myth is that


There are many ways to improve in your industry.
Please don’t feel pressured to follow nSpek’s method.

Naturally, since this is how we have managed to virtually eliminate human error, it’s the only approach we can show you. We clearly think that  replacing your paper forms without a complex and external digital transformation consultation is the key to start a better way of working for your field team. However, we are biased. We see it work everyday for thousands of users in big and medium sized organizations operating the heavy industry sectors. Still, you can do something different. It doesn’t mean you will fail.


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