How to create an app in field data collection for home inspectors using nSpek’s best mobile forms automation software?

22 November 2022

nSpek’s mobile forms automation software is more than a digital inspection platform. For more than a decade we help a national home inspectors association with over 17 000 employees to build mobile forms for many uses like data collection, health and safety or building code compliance. They say to start with the benefits, and then follow with the features, but this article will highlight some star features our clients can’t live without. In a swift and paperless business process, you should include these non negotiable options when developing or picking your field data collection app or see how you can use nSpek’s best mobile forms automation software as an alternative.

Having created multiple software’s for the government, some associations and federations, we know that building an app from scratch is a long and expensive process. Once you finish your business analysis and design a mock-up of your app, it’s time to create it from the ground up. It’s why most start using our app-building tools and features (more on nspek later). Each of these phases will require a clear understanding of several things, including:


  • What data do you need to collect.
  • With what device will you be using those digital forms.
  • In what environment will your users be.
  • How you approach development.
  • You will have to make a clear outline of what functionality each app version will include.
  • Note key features of mobile data collection tools in your app.

Take inventory of what you will need.
Before building an app for data collection, you must have some key things to consider. These include the following factors:


Make A Development Plan

How you develop your field data gathering app will be decided in this step. First, make sure you maintain your team’s organization and commitment to their assigned tasks. Agile, often known as Scrum, is one specific app development technique that can be quite helpful. Agile uses the concepts of iterative development and continuous product evaluation. You won’t create your app all at once, but rather in iterations.

Agile allows you to maintain focus on the most important aspects of your project while verifying each milestone along the way. You can employ a plethora of app-building approaches. First, make sure that everyone on the team understands the entire process and that they all accept the duties you have given them. After everything is set up, create procedures to ensure that your staff follows the strategy.

Create a Versioning Plan

You will learn during the construction step that not everything will work in your app’s initial release. You must therefore create a versioning strategy. Assess each stage of the project by deciding which is most important first. Next, decide which modules or features can be included in various releases and establish a release schedule for each. By doing this, you can keep your team organized while they work on your app and get a sense of when it will be finished and ready to be released.

A successful app release depends on versioning; make sure that your plan is understood by everyone in the team.

Get A Clear Understanding of Mobile Data Collection

There are a few crucial components that your app has to have in order to collect data effectively. Initially, confirm that offline data collection is simple. In locations without dependable internet access, this will be crucial. Second, make sure your app has an intuitive user experience that is simple to use.

If using your software isn’t challenging, people are more likely to do so. Last but not least, export data in multiple formats for additional analysis. This will enable you to thoroughly research the information gathered.

Design a UX Friendly Clear App Outline
Do this with your end user in mind, and preferably after an internal survey. This is where you specify the features that each app version will have and when it should be finished. Make sure you comprehend how the facts will integrate when added together. Then, give each version a due date and let your team know when their contribution is expected.

It’s time to start building your app now that you have an outline. You may now begin integrating everything you’ve planned using the process and structure you’ve described during the outline and design phase.

Many versioning strategies begin with a prototype for early testing before developing a finished product. Before you begin, make sure to create your prototype on the actual app-building platform. You can use the nSpek’s best mobile forms automation software tools to create interactive mockups that look similar to an intuitive and functional digital inspection form.

Validate the form with your end users when it has been designed and is ready for testing. Always be really curious during this stage. Does your design, for instance, take into account the workflow issues you identified during the scoping stage? Did you successfully understand how the participant registration procedure worked? Do the general functionality and design have any flaws that need to be fixed?

Make a data collection app with nSpek

With the aid of the best mobile forms automation software from nSpek, you can quickly and easily construct your own data gathering app. Now that you have a fundamental idea of the entire app construction process, let’s use the best mobile forms automation software from nSpek to create an app for data gathering.

Creating an app on nSpek’s best mobile forms automation software is centered around workflows. As previously noted, there are several stages and conditions that an app development process deals with. You must thus be able to develop workflows for each distinct stage and circumstance if you want to know how your app will function and what users may do with it.

The platform’s “Workflow Builder,” which is accessible through the dashboard menu, allows you to construct workflows. Thanks to its simple drag-and-drop functionality, the best mobile forms automation software from nSpek makes creating apps as simple as ever.
You may develop actionable processes using the Workflow Builder, and they will eventually be converted into useful digital checklists or surveys that you can be shared with your team or clients. You can make use of particular tools like:

Text Box
Choice List
Group Header
Date Time
Web Link
And more!

Multiple Widget Types for Data Collection

You can quickly construct your user interface and fill it with the controls you need for data entry with the help of nSpek’s top mobile forms automation software. Additionally, you have access to a huge selection of widgets that help streamline, accelerate, and improve data collection. The platform also provides a number of more intriguing functions, including Tasks, Actions, Data, and much more.

You will have access to a number of tools that will facilitate your progress from beginning to end. A fully functional app that tracks and gathers data in the field would be the end result. Additionally, you may sync it with a secure server and give feedback in real-time.You may also export your data in a variety of formats for additional analysis.

The top mobile form automation tool from nSpek has a lot to offer in terms of app development. No more coding or other challenging and difficult activities. Everything is made simpler with the best mobile forms automation software from nSpek so you can concentrate more on creating your app the way you want it to be.

Book a Demo to find out more about the best mobile forms automation software from nSpek and all of its features.

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