Cloud or On-Premise: The Definitive Guide Even a 12 Year Old Can Understand.

5 December 2023

Inside the Great Debate: Cloud vs On-premises
(Download the summarized executive’s 3 page version here – with less story, and even more facts.)

Back in 2015 while reviewing cloud solutions from Amazon, Microsoft and Google, I more or less singlehandedly destroyed a local cafe in one of Montreal’s “silicon valley” called the Mile-End on St-Laurent street. When the smoked meat sandwich arrived, it almost lost it’s pickle. The manic energy of my crowing and fist punching brought on a whirlwind of questions.

That can often be a good sign to hire a Chief Technology Officer (CTO), which is not an easy task. Especially if it’s just so you could ask if a cloud-based software is what you should use.

I wish I had this guide, which can even teach a 12 year old to keep-up with a CTO about this topic. Here is everything you need to know about cloud vs. on premise servers in under 5 minutes.

How to Build a Better Cloud than Amazon.

Drop-Box, the cloud storage service company, saved almost $75 Million by switching to a mix of only 10% Amazon cloud Server (AWS) and 90% on premise solution (their private data center). More and more companies get the opportunity to grow and become larger by re-evaluating their Cloud needs.

As a marketer and former COO, I always understood that there is no magical “Cloud”. It is simply a computer or more often a group of computers. They can be yours, but usually somebody else’s. They can be in one location, but usually in more than one. Like everyone, I also read the Wikipedia page, even though they admit it themselves that this whole subject is hard.

So today, I spoke with Adrien Corbin, one of our developer’s and IT business analyst for some clarity without favoring the cloud or on premise solution.

The cloud server is not a new concept. However, the technology and architecture has been critical workload since 1930.

When a business need or project requirement has been firmed up, the next step is to decide whether a cloud based solution, an on premise solution or even mix or hybrid should be adopted. All you need to remember is “SCSE”, the 4 simple factors: Storage, Computing, Security and Expertise. (Tell me if you come-up with a more interesting acronym.) Which one is more important to your organization will influence your digital transformation choices.

  1. Storage:
  2. Computing:
  3. Security:
  4. Expertise:

The Definitive Guide to Choosing Between Cloud and On-Premise Server Solutions.

The development of cloud revolution is interesting and a fact. Every cloud service is unique and has its particular features that appeal to different businesses. Every cloud service provides its own customer support hence your choice of service depends on the support offered and any other great hallmarks that the cloud service provider floats. So, Ask your CTO to know more about it.

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