Building inspection report software

24 October 2022

Modernize, Streamline and Simplify your building inspections.

The nSpek app makes it easy to perform construction site inspections. With our data management platform and mobile form builder, you can define custom digital inspection checklists, perform the inspection itself, and effortlessly generate your building inspection report.

Generate reports effortlessly.

Automatically generate several types of reports in PDF, Word or Excel, from one or more digital inspections and share them with the project team, the financial institution, the insurance firm, the architect or the owner, with just one click. You can build pre-programmed templates that will create several reports in your brand’s image: detailed and more generic at the same time, without having to return to the office to transcribe and “tinker”. (and no coding)


Do your checks and audits faster.

Document any incidents in the field with notes and annotated photos.
Accompanied by a file or the correct building code citation for the type of inspection from a library available in the app.
Assign the digital inspection directly to the person who needs to do these next steps, or to the responsible team. In the event of an emergency requiring immediate action, nSpek can have a button in the inspection form that can instantly send an email, notification or even generate an urgent work order in other systems like a CRM or ERP.


Standardize your building inspection process.

Use the same preloaded checklists and templates for every project to ensure consistency across your business.
Reduce time for training, supervision and human error by pre-programming instructions and even step-by-step images into the inspection form, visible only to the user.


Building inspection software.

Powerful issue tracking: As soon as a problem is reported by the responder, it is available to everyone or to predefined groups so that everyone can follow it, see it, solve it or research it.

Your forms are organized according to trades, GPS locations, dates, names of inspectors, by types of audits, by number of reports, by status completed, in progress or abandoned and any other variables according to your needs. This makes it easy to find them later.


Commercial building inspection tool.

When you’re on the job site of one of your projects, our construction management app allows you to log any issues or site inspection items you see during a visit. Just label it on the sheet with the correct location and occupation, and document it with some photos. Everything is tracked on our digital building inspection report platform and shared immediately with your subcontractors.


Lists of building inspection audits and checklists.

Digital inspections allow you to ensure that quality and safety are up to par. Use our route planning software using calendar synchronization to schedule a full, periodic, or follow-up inspection. This modern data capture software contains hundreds of inspection items and a flexible form builder with construction site inspection checklists. As a building inspector, you can also share these checklist templates with project engineers and superintendents to ensure project quality and consistency.

The nSpek building inspection report software is designed to create digital inspection and data collection forms for heavy industries such as construction, post-construction, transportation, energy and mining. In this new era, your jobsite team will need a modern, mobile field data collection app to fill out and create electronic forms, digital inspection reports and audits to keep up with your industry standards. For your health and safety at work as well as for the maintenance or compliance of vehicles, tools and machines: The nspek app is exactly what you need!

You should consult nSpek for the following reasons:
We have made a digital inspection software that helps you collect information with its data collection tool through mobile forms, which when downloaded, works even without internet so as not to interrupt your working day.
Check out our blog for digital transformation myths debunked.

The application is designed with the cutting edge of Progressive Web Technology and is easy to use, and continuously updated.
nSpek is the most customizable data management and electronic forms creation application on the market. Our team of seasoned software engineers have not only created a solid API that works with most ERPs, CRMs and other systems, but we also have a Fractional CTO available for your progress and digital transformation planning, monitoring and digital surveys, as well as training and documentation included with our data collection application. There are no customization limits, no coding required, and the application works online without interrupting your modern paperless inspection process.

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