Best Home Inspection Reporting Software Reviews: Comparison and Pricing.

To not name ourselves, here is a list of the software and apps that are used as tools by home inspectors, in no particular order, and sometimes used by property managers as well:

As a home inspector, property manager, investor or owner, at some point, you will find yourself in a situation where you will have to get a property inspected. It could be someone’s first home or condo, the cottage of their dreams, the bungalow they want to sell, the old house they inherited or the multi-housing an investor wants to buy… Certainly, at this time it will be better to know the actual and detailed condition of the property rather than a rough estimate.

To ensure you get an accurate and reliable inspection, you need to work with a true competent professional who uses digital inspections or a property management software. With these tips, you’ll know how to choose the right building inspector and which one to stay away from.

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Ensure that the inspector is trained in home inspection at a recognized institution and that he is also a member of an association of building inspectors of your province or state who uses one of these software above. Choosing a property inspector who holds these requirements means ensuring that he will be prepared for any eventuality and that he knows the standards of practice. If, on the other hand, the professional has an interesting experience in building inspection reports of all kinds, you will also be more reassured about the value of his work. Most importantly of all, a digital inspection just as traditional home or construction audits requires in-depth knowledge of your regions building codes and types of buildings and materials. Whether it is a new multi-unit property or a historical or ancestral construction, the home building inspector must master both theory and practice.

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Before you choose your property inspector, find out about these professional credentials, continuing education and experience.


Any property deserves attention to detail. Because it is one of the biggest investments people make, beware of “professionals” who promise a quick inspection at low prices. Sometimes the bargains hide a certain negligence or suggest that the inspection will be done at the expense of quality. Choosing a qualified property inspector means choosing someone who takes the time to observe your property in detail, explains every aspect of its inspection and gives you valuable maintenance advice. It will cost you a little more than an inspector who goes in a gale, but you will get your money’s worth.

Also be aware that in home inspections, time is valuable data. Trust careful people who will observe all the components without rushing. Don’t hesitate to ask for the time allotted per inspection and the time frames of the service.


In the same vein, make sure that your entire property is inspected by the professional. Some inspectors inspect condos but do not focus on the common areas of the building. For optimal protection and maximum information, you need to be able to get a complete picture of your property, not just a few items or a representative inspection! Remember that a quick inspection is a poor inspection.

Before you opt for a home inspector, ask what will be inspected. To better understand industry standards, read this handy guide. You will be better informed about the components that need to be observed during a building inspection.

The Advantage of a Reputable Home Inspection Reporting Software

The reporting part of your business is very important. It has a direct impact on your customer satisfaction and it can even reflect in the kind of client you will attract. At nSpek, we often hear that one of the key reasons why professional associations chose us, was because of how easily customizable the reporting part of our tool is.

“nSpek’s mobile data collection features is the software which produces the easiest reports to read, without a shadow of a doubt!”

How do you choose your building inspector?

Even the most competent of property inspectors is not immune to oblivion. Protect yourself from any eventuality by verifying that the inspection is covered by insurance of a sufficient amount. Some suggest that a $2 million in error and omission insurance covers you extensively. A professional inspector must have an inspection in case of errors and omissions. You will therefore be better protected by choosing an inspector who takes responsibility and offers you guarantees accordingly.

Find out what will happen if you have an additional question or if you discover something in the property after the inspection. Will you have to pay for a new visit from the inspector or will you be able to enjoy an after-sales service? This is an important detail, as it is very common to ask questions about your property after moving in. In our view, up to one year after the inspection, an inspector should be available to answer any questions or uncertainties. This is what distinguishes our after-sales service.

A written report is always submitted following a home inspection. This is an essential document that will accompany you in the maintenance of your property. However, the quality of this file may vary from company to company. It is advisable to choose a home inspector who will give you a professional, detailed document that contains clear and explanatory photos. Ideally, it should also include maintenance tips and warnings about things you need to keep an eye on. Such an inspection report will also act as a reference document and maintenance guide to keep the building in good condition.

It is important to choose a property inspector who can communicate well with you. If you feel “too much” every time you ask a question, if the inspection makes you confused, because every detail seems complicated, you might want to look elsewhere. An inspector must be committed to explaining each element to you so that you understand them, without using professional and incomprehensible jargon. He should also take the time to give you advice and tips. Before choosing an inspector, rely on the first contact by phone. If you have appreciated the communication and service offered, you will meet this criterion. In conclusion, modern home inspectors who have your best interest in mind remember that it is a very important investment that is being inspected. Part of the great service a customer deserves, is being able to received all the documents in a digital format as soon as the digital home inspection is finished, without any delays caused by not using a mobile form software or digital inspection app, which improves the good service and the best professional report.


A good property inspector is an important resource for homeowners. It is there to help you know what might have escaped you and influence your decision during the sale or purchase of a property. The building inspector is your eyes and your protection in case of trouble. Find out about each of the items listed in this article to choose your property’s inspector. If you feel that the inspector is under-knowledge or uncertain, turn to a trusted professional.

Comparison and Pricing

Remember that in order to be able to make the right choice when deciding on moving towards digital forms and inspections, is to choose the software which best allows you to do the kind of data collection which support your company growth long term. You must compare the prices and features and allow your team to have a say as well, since they will be your most frequent users.

The best inspections tools are those that help everyone get accurate, media-rich, and fast information.

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